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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Malaysian Immigration - The Malaysian Governments Horror House

My fiancee is an Australian and we have been having so much trouble getting her a VISA (she is a graduate from the Photographic Studies College Melbourne). Recently we set up a company and was in the process of applying for a VISA when our whole new nightmare began! First the Malaysian Immigration don't give out VISAs without first giving you hell and bounce you like a ball between Damansara & Putrajaya ( she is Australian - my point being how many Australians would work here illegally or commit crime - I'm sure we could use our fingers to do that math work) and secondly we need professional photographers here to set standards among our local photographers - believe me there is a difference between the photographers from ZZOOM and Pak Din's son who got his first camera when he was 5 and someone who actually studied photography for 5 years in an institute designed for this.... anyway as my story goes I started asking around and to my horror found that

1. My Russian friend who has been married for 6 years to a Chinese and living in the same house and have a child has been denied a working visa let alone PR status?

2. My Russian friend who married a Muslim and converted to Islam had her work visa & PR handed over to her within 2 years????

3. My British friend who has been living here for 15years and married to a local has been denied PR status

4. My Indonesian friend - who is a Muslim was granted a Visa and a PR status within a year.

For those of you who have more horror stories with the Malaysian IMMIGRATION dept please feel free to post your comments!