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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Black Knight Dream

Humans Have managed to sink below the levels of basic instincts, The black knight put it to me....

thus making their quests for pleasure, desire, fortune and vile fame
through greed, mischief and morbid uncouth games ... the priorities in life.

The black night was speaking to me that night of this stench filled plight.
With his heart ripped open and bleeding he told me of the devils bidding
that, according to him has brought this race to its pinnacle of evil believing.

Run he said... run to the hills or the valleys of death
and there make your bed, lay in it and remember what I said
For the armies of envy and greed are hastily coming forth
While venge and hate are throned in the hemispheres of the north

Run!! good people and hold not your forts
as from within they shall froth like a pot boiling with broth
Vile, decietful and their will yet plentiful with black thoughts
They will come and come till you are tangled in their web of knots
Cut it and flee for the good nurtured mind is absolute and free

As the Black Knight put it forth to me!

The King of Fools

The King of Fools

Here I am high on my begotten throne
Doomed by my self-righteous claims
Do you know me do you recognize me
For the King of fools I am to be

I am neither blind nor can I see
The child of the Babylonian whores
Scarlet was my cape and crimson was my taste
I rose to the throne without haste

Having no servants only serpents by my side
With fangs that feed on my royal foolhardiness
I jest and laugh and rage at their selfishness
They laugh back and rage in unison

Why I am here what have I become
It was not my wish or my will
But here I am high on my throne
Crowned till Armageddon
As the King of all fools!