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Friday, May 30, 2008

Religion a tool of pain and suffering??

Its religion that keeps the poor from murdering the rich - Napoleon

Its a funny thing .. religion my father a born Hindu, my mother a born catholic

They made us follow neither and as and when they felt like it mom took us to church

Dad took us to the temples.

We were never forced... Now I go to church while my oldest sister visits the temples

Some of my best friends are muslims and business accociates are budhists and then the ones I "PARTY" with are aethists... How is this? what are they fighting for? what is there to prove by blood in the name of god...! Its a lie... Its all a lie..

They fight for power, money and land... nothing more nothing less... all of them on all sides.

If I the common man has achieved peace among all these people of different religions, why cant they? why cant they? Are they stupid? are they blind? can they learn from me? Or am I too small? Or are they just plain stark and absolutely mad? I hate them.. I hate everyone of them that shed blood in the name of god or their greed the killers from all sides. Nothing but killers!! Leave the weak alone, dont supress, and the week I beg you to stop the uprise so the world will come to your aid! Bush is a coward and so is Osama! others die for their take.. its real... dont let these killers lead you... change your leaders.. dont let the angry ones lead you... choose the wise ones to lead you!!