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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Presence

Model: Fitriyani Ibrahim (Soni, mee mee mee)

Many years ago...

I was startled from my placid slumber
By a presence me asunder
My thoughts were rattled
And with my nerves I battled
As the clock struck three and settled

What is this that raises my hair?
For cold is not this morning air
Tis’ a thief ay! Whom I could master I hope
And not something that my mind will not cope
As to my dwellings my sight eagerly scopes

No thief, no scurrying creature on beams
But the presence still lingers it seems
Ah! The fragrant Jasmine or a bloom of its kind
As legends of old rushed into my timid mind
Surely a woman this be of lurid kind

As I sit and my rattled nerves I hold
Racing thru all that I have been told
None of whom ended in their tombs
When this little white flower blooms
And its sweet fragrant spirit looms

At this thought I start to smile
Tea I’ll make while she stays awhile
For maybe she might show and even cry
While I quest her existence in wry
Now I sit and to meet her I try

A quarter past four and I heave a sigh
As the last traces of jasmine fly
A quarter past century hath arrived
Since the night I was rudely surprised
But in my heart my jasmine yet survives

Written by : Ravi The Rat