I am currently working on my 3rd album!! wish me luck people!

Monday, June 16, 2008

This Earth

All that you have sacrificed,
All that you have given,
All of which yours mother
All of which in time withers

Elegance in the depths of your violent mountains of fire
The fortress of a thousand secrets of which we call mires
Your beauty as a dying beast crosses to the nether
The scorching art in the desert with the sands of ever

The beauty of your rage in the midst of your horrific storms
And despite our blatant disregard and pompous scorns
We yield to let you pass your rage then we fester and mourn
Thy subtle beauty by the water, so genteel I could have sworn

But crack and rip the seabed did, awakening from its slumber
And lo and behold as waters arose with a mighty thunder
Fret and flee they did from your lucid anger
Only fools try and deceive your death monger

Your will be done in the return of the Babylonian deluge
As two hundred thousand souls lay in your deadly collage
Entombed by the wave of your renegade barrage
The loss of life, the loss of will, a cemetery so large

Amidst your wild tantalizing ways somehow I feel your pain
A pain built upon the love for every heartbeat in the rain
Your own soul lay like a mighty beast slain
Yet we fester in disdain.
Yet we fester


It is closed but not asleep
Living life in too deep
Through the mind it slips to the other side
It seems closed but the mind is open wide

Insanity right in front of you
Agony trailing behind holding your dues
If you know Jekyll then you know who is Hyde
Trick or treat it’s not Halloween

By its own share of demons
Held down in the depths of darkness… Look at it!
Through it s eye of the mind and Ride it… feel it…!
Ride its mind but hold on to the open grind

It seems again so “Picture perfect” it’s all a lie!!
Don’t ever fight just spread your wings and fly
For through its mind it slips to the other side
It may seem closed but its mind and will is open wide