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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Humans Humans Humans

We are gods worst creation... we have, ever since the dawn of time been against our own kind, we seek authority over others by means of force to dominate and walla!! we have nuclear warheads! we seek to enslave our kin and you had the American Civil War. We are all jokes, We teach our children that the giant that lived in the skies that jack climbed and stole the golden eggs was a big bad monster?? What are we doing?
1. Jack was not supposed to take something that doesnt belong to him!
2. The giant was just a giant who got pissed off when his goose was stolen.
3. Jack kills the giant after stealing the goose by chopping the beanstalk down and the giant falls to his death.

So in summary we are teaching children that it is ok to take something that belongs to someone else and kill that person we took from and live happily ever after? Jack must have been related to George Bush. We should never teach children that witches are bad it makes kids go crazy when the see bag ladies.. as if they dont have it bad enough as it is? Monsters are bad, thank god for Shrek!! One up for the monsters!!

And who is that person in the North Pole trying to figure out why penguins cant fly?

Just For Fun - Written by : Ravi The Rat

My Friend(s)

He is as black as the night with a silver diamond on his chest
Tall, brave and mighty he was with his golden friend
But by will of nature their ties were doomed to an abrupt end
And with me he remained as to this poem today I tend
Fourteen years of all good, bad, sad and glad life showered upon us
Fourteen years of companionship with not a strain upon it, ay!
Even as your strength and will begin to fade In me I note you kept your faith
How I scream in silence to allow your depart
But with my arrogance I shall remedy my aching heart

On your part I felt your reluctance to go On my part my dear, true friend...

I needed you evermore
tis over now.... As I remind my self o
those dark nights full of frightful lore are but tales of yore
The long and treacherous path that we begun
Come at us, come at us, in our hearts we sung
Now seems nothing more than a tot on a retreating run
As you sit beside me and watch the little one have fun
I remember you and I by the sea in the evening sun

She is small and as black as you yet she shines in every hue
Vibrant and brilliant she is comparable to you
And thy, shall not deny that the teacher was you
Preparing her in your forthcoming absence and due
As she lays at my feet and her loving eyes I meet
I wonder and ponder if she will ever take your seat
But we all have to pass not knowing who is first or last
I am but prepared for your passing my true friend alas!
And with the young one I shall make a new stand
Your brave heart now I do not intend to offend
But here you sit and gaze at the tree by the meadows end
As if telling me, below it, it become your eternal den
Ay! On a beautiful morn with dew shall I lay you to rest
Below the hue of the flaming tree at the meadows crest
Yearn I shall for your gentle face that I fondly caress
And learn I shall from this agonizing duress
Be all that you can my friend as I will and nothing less
For one day I shall join you in the nether and continue our conquests

I wrote this 2 years ago when Al Capone(above) was very sick..... He is going on 17 now.. a little deaf but I put up with him anyway..

This is the little one Texas (above) a handful/ dayful and mindful.. never met a dog with such a motley collection of character!!!
Her magnum look... as my fiancee put it!!