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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Haunting

A song - click on the image the haunting to read

10 days in may


It was you I saw on that beautiful morning in May
As my heart was lost and astray
It was strange that our eyes met as our souls turned away
For every day for 10 days in May

From the line of what I penned, my thoughts you saw
And gave me a look that was plain and raw
I let it pass and we went on our separate ways
Still pondering about those 10 days in May

It was September when we let our paths cross again
But time was the enemy for the meet was in vain
Again we stumbled our intentions and let it stray
Trying to capture the secret of the 10 days in May

Taking us through shadows, confusion and beyond doubt
As to answers to the onslaught we searched and sought
Further into oblivion we followed in dismay
Ah those cursed 10 days in May

Now as reality unfolds and beckons with all that’s true
It is about time we knew all that was due
Though foolish of our hearts young as morning dew
The10 days in May was worth the pursue