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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Revenge & Hate

Vengeance the fuel of self consumption
It leads you like a beacon
To the infinite false retribution
Hallowed by your own monsters and demons
Destined to the void of absolution
And crowned by your own wicked reasons
Feeling glory would come at its conclusion
As you lead and nurture your confusions

Believe not this selfish tragic being
Its satisfaction in a padded sarcophagus
The catastrophe filling it
Feeding on its rot and your own blindness
Be not overwhelmed by its stench in grace
Till you have seen its ugly face
To the gates of Hades take you it will
Whence there your kill will be the bill

And its brother of the same mother……..

How art thou mighty hate
I’ve know you and all your fates
But now your will on me has timed out
And you are but a little too late
For as you see I am free
Prancing outside your soulless black gates
Your brother vengeance failed to seize me
And you blundered in keeping me

Ha! Ha!, Herald my will that is above you
For I have paid in full… in time and in fee
Beg you shall and moan you will as you come at me
But I am not one of those who hide or flee
I will not climb your feeble tree
For that fruit you say I shall need
For now I am free by my own creed
As you wilt and die by your own deed
Written by : Ravi The Rat


The Man and his wars

The man on the hill says it’s time to fight
Soldiers get in line! Your souls are mine do not take flight
When you see the other color, pull the trigger
Don’t hesitate or you will never get bigger

The man on the hill says it’s time to kill
Soldier you will be a hero if you know what I mean
Pillage and kill the children of the other land
And someday I will let you be a man

The man on the hill says its time you die
Soldier your land you have saved but your body is slain
Empty coffin a flag and seven 13 bullets piercing the air
But your body rots somewhere out there.
Written by : Ravi The Rat