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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Wall

The Brick Wall

You stand cracked and withered, bruised and battered
On this lonely hill with your crown shattered
Memories engraved on you by children and men
Show you have stories of old intended to tell
How cruel your fate and how loneliness you must hate
For only to a tolling bell you awake

Curse you for sharing your grief
For my loneliness also runs as deep
Finding you here I’m in disbelief
As you unfold I hold my weep

I shall never meet you again
But on you my story I will lay
I shall add to your portrait of pain
With another soul share it you may
My back on you I shall lean in dismay
Knowing on this hill you will always remain

Damn you for sharing your sorrows
My own is in the chorus
Nonetheless I hope you keep well
For now I bid you farewell

Written by : Ravi The Rat

Thursday, February 5, 2009


If you had one wish .. what would it be...?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Damned Man

I agree I was a wicked child
For the devil I made him think twice
I knew no fear with this vulgar mind
I was craving for something demonic yet kind.
My soul the wolves of life did find
Took me up and nurtured me blind
Understanding everything around me
Not knowing what will become of me
False was everything that touched my soul

As day by day I found solace in the cold , Made me weak it did not…
But rage I did at its depraved onslaught, My treachery was never caught,
Though for redemption, oh how I sought

Many years I've lead in tears, For things I have done in dire
Oh yes… I have lit the fires, And slept on blood red sapphires
Danger was a foolhardy stranger, And hunger was a beggar at linger
The pain was all that I gained, As my dreams rotted in vain
My confidence the king of all my banes!!!

I tell you this as a man that hath been damned.
Written by : Ravi The Rat

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Favorites

For those of you who find these dark, there are lighter toned poems in my earlier works, they also happen to be my favorites, as listed below :

1. Dancing Candle

2. The Brick Wall

3. The Presence

4. Table at The Bar

I need all of you to read these four poems and leave your comments here on which you think is best among the four.