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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Sisters Envy & Greed

On the dark edges of our souls they reside in blackness
At the seams of our sanity they survive in emptiness
At the bidding of the dark one they morph in stillness
At the strike of the timid clock they emerge felt-less

Envy and Greed the sisters, forever rule human madness
Envy sings in sight of crimson that flows from the wound of alms
Greed halts the love that flows from a selfless giving palm
In dance and song they welcome misery as their guest

The crime of mind, locked in the dungeon of agony
Devoured by Greed
The crime of hate like the fountain of youth
In Envy’s eyes it breeds

Here I show the path the Sisters stalk
Be warned not forlorn in this life you walk
While the book reads “thy, shall not stray from thou path”
Beware these are sisters of past
They breathe beyond our last

They know thy name and they see thy face
And so you know just incase
Thou art be anything but meek or weak
When the sisters envy and greed you meet

For nor Adam or Eve are they, faceless their deeds
Guiltless are their vile deceits
But remain sisters they will indeed
Sowing their seeds in thou soul they need.

Beware the sisters Envy and Greed

Written By: Ravi the rat