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Monday, April 14, 2008

What Subsidies??

I recently was in search of a new car.... and with all this hype about fuel costs and subsidies decided to be a little cautious about how much milage I could attain for my dear Ringgit...
There I was looking at a Honda Accord it was ok but a little too pricey for my standards and decided to let it go and went home wishing I had an extra 20,000 Ringgit in my bank account and returned to my abode and surf the net, eventually I found myself looking at the Honda car series on the net and what do I see the same Honda Car being sold in the United States of America at only half the price (Brand New).
I checked up and researched this just to make sure and found that Malaysians Pay 30% - 60% More for cars than others... And I start thinking to myself, I pay the Malaysian government in car taxes not including Road Tax and Insurance and licence, for a car thats only 50,000 almost 80,000++ this would mean that i paid the government 30,000 to own a car and what are they talking about fuel subsidies?? are they going to subsidies 30,000 in 5 years before I change my car?? I think not... and in that 5 years how much are they the government going to subsidies my fuel cost??
As such I would like the Malaysian government to stop bitching and moaning about this fuel subsidy bullshit!! wake up fellas!!

Solemn Tapestries & Fallen Poetry

Solemn tapestries and fallen poetry

In the depths of Neptune
From the heart of the shore-less Atlantis,
You came to me, you came to me
Doomed by my fate, dragged by my own undertow
I was born undone
A wicked soul whom I am
Mystical madness and illusions
The visions of different shades in black
My demons devour me piece by piece till I exist not and become the never of eternity
But yet remain we will in these solemn tapestries and our fallen poetry.
Written by : Ravi The Rat