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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Poetry I wrote some years ago - Closet Poet Ha ha ha

The Dancing Candle – By Ravi The Rat

As the weeping sky cracked and stole my ever glowing light
I lit a light that swept me to a world of forgotten delights
The shadows danced to my illuminated glance
While my eyes were captivated in your elegant trance
In this gloom the tapestry has come alive and its beauty strives
And now its no wonder how in this day and age you still survive

Outside I hear the wind in argument with the weeping heaven
As the thunder rattles at my door a little past eleven
Oblivious to their tantrums and the chaotic loud booms
My fascination lies with the dancing of all in this room
I hope the ever-glowing light does not return too soon
For I am just about to begin my wretched croon

I note ye swaying yellow hue and your steady azure blue
Awe struck such grace so humble I never knew
Like a tear from an invisible eye you seem
From the summit of the melting white pillar you gleam
Ah! The white pillar that holds you within its seams
Till its final demise I know you will gleam

The wind has eased and the thunder ceased
But the raindrops they yet tease
If not for you this night would be naught
In your svelte you have conquered and taught
With your steady loom this night you have caught
Now you shall remain as I enter my abyss of thought

It struck me that at the birth of art you have been
At the alpha of letters you were seen
Oh what joy what glory have you brought upon me
Thy light tonight thou wisdom I see has no seams
Alas! The ever-glowing light shines by all it means
Dead and devoid of life it is with its bright lifeless beams

I curse and flutter to put it out and return to your vault
To find it locked and my mind veiled by the recent assault
Your dance is no more and the tapestry is dead once more
Snuffed you are from the crown of your white pillar
And thy shall wait upon your return in this forsaken villa
To grant it the mantle for the dance of thy beloved stellar
Written by : Ravi The Rat