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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Contradicting thrice

I was seeking to find what was wretched in me
Running out of time the torture I failed to see
Six and thirty years has passed me by
And Faith and hope I could not find
I stood still hoping for something kind
But wicked time snatched all that was mine

Breathing, feeling, sensing and seeing
Yet not an ounce of human emotion met me
I was fooled by devices of my own conjuring
I am all that I will never be
And I shall never be all that I am
Ay! The cunning wolf I was, never the lamb

I note your blindness to my bliss in madness
And to share with you my joy in the glory of my sadness
In pride I stride among the carcass of life
Among them lay the enemy whom you call strife
As here I stand contradicting thrice!