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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Wall

The Brick Wall

You stand cracked and withered, bruised and battered
On this lonely hill with your crown shattered
Memories engraved on you by children and men
Show you have stories of old intended to tell
How cruel your fate and how loneliness you must hate
For only to a tolling bell you awake

Curse you for sharing your grief
For my loneliness also runs as deep
Finding you here I’m in disbelief
As you unfold I hold my weep

I shall never meet you again
But on you my story I will lay
I shall add to your portrait of pain
With another soul share it you may
My back on you I shall lean in dismay
Knowing on this hill you will always remain

Damn you for sharing your sorrows
My own is in the chorus
Nonetheless I hope you keep well
For now I bid you farewell

Written by : Ravi The Rat