I am currently working on my 3rd album!! wish me luck people!

Monday, June 16, 2008


It is closed but not asleep
Living life in too deep
Through the mind it slips to the other side
It seems closed but the mind is open wide

Insanity right in front of you
Agony trailing behind holding your dues
If you know Jekyll then you know who is Hyde
Trick or treat it’s not Halloween

By its own share of demons
Held down in the depths of darkness… Look at it!
Through it s eye of the mind and Ride it… feel it…!
Ride its mind but hold on to the open grind

It seems again so “Picture perfect” it’s all a lie!!
Don’t ever fight just spread your wings and fly
For through its mind it slips to the other side
It may seem closed but its mind and will is open wide