I am currently working on my 3rd album!! wish me luck people!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Prince of Nothing

Born into a throne you don't deserve
Money and gold your only preserve
A prince who one day will be king
Mindless, worthless.. To me you are nothing
Know this worthless prince! I am above you.
A time will come when I'll stand beside you
At that moment, I will strike you down
By God! My hate for life will crack upon your crown!!

You will look up into my merciless eyes
For I shall watch you whimper and die!!
My pride that you took I shall redeem
As I rejoice your agony in my every dream

You, your scum and your damned whores
Will be no more, of this, I am sure
For all my pains and your gains I have the cure
And your death it shall be, to make my soul pure...

In damnation I shall find my salvation, I am my fathers son!!