I am currently working on my 3rd album!! wish me luck people!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Here we are

He is bored of life, it sickens him most of the day

But there are moments when his mind strays

Into pleasures of the flesh, desires and foul play

But his will, his pride he cannot betray

Madness dawns upon him to know that another has had more

He wakes up and these thoughts roll ashore

For Years and more fear stalks him as he tends his sores

What if he meets the flesh king of yore and they note his bore!!

He would end the turmoil in his mind on that very note

For his will and pride he can never betray nor save

For it is all that he has and he shall not make it slave

They sit with their crown as he lays there in wait in his cave

His time of absence draws near and of this alone he fears

The love that he has, it tortures and his freedom it sears

The castles of his fantasies so vulgar at the last tier

Will he have to abandon it to save her from her tears?