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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Happening?

I looked up at the sky, it was about 6PM... a thought crossed my mind... "how beautiful"? as global warming and a whole load of other problems man had created for mother earth started to catapult themselves in the already tumour ridden dark and morbid mind of mine - (couldn't resist that one!!) Anyway, my thoughts rattled on, as I saw a bike passing me by emitting enough smoke to suffocate all the immigrants stashed in a trucks under carriage in 60seconds (that was last weeks news) What was happening?? M. Night Shayamalan's happening didn't have a clue, what is it that we are off setting that is causing draughts in some places and flooding other places... Nature's Balance is Imbalanced, the polar caps melting, temperature rising in places and falling in others, atmosphere pressures flipping causing unusual weather patterns... hmmm again I look up at the sky... its was amazing! As a single grey cloud sailed gracefully along the pink hues carrying water to let go on some unsuspecting terrain... 'clouds carrying water'.. cool invention! But why all this trouble around when we have so much water stashed in Hydro Dams all over the world, the 7 gorge dam in china flooding huge valleys, we have a few in Malaysia, we have a heap load in eastern Europe, America (Hoover Dam 726 feet above the Colorado river) and a whole load more in other places... Eureka!! Is that it...? The trapping of water by humans is causing all this, displacing water in mammoth portions, causing an in balance in natural water distribution in air causing sea levels to drop in some place and nature trying to balance itself melts the polar caps instead to compensate. The lack of moisture in the air is causing pressure flips causing unusually strong winds, the reduction in water mass in the atmosphere to transport the water naturally causing draughts in Australia.... Imagine if the sea level drops by 1 or 2 cm and as a result of this the sun becomes unable to evaporate enough water over the vast expanse of the ocean... creating a whole new cycle of chaos as nature tries its best to balance itself.... then again I look up at the sky... the cloud was nowhere to be seen yet it was beautiful... hm mm the big blue... or was it red... who cares, I need a drink...