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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Missing Link

By Ravi the Rat

The missing link

I woke up this morning and a strange thought passed over me… I began to think that Charles Darwin the naturalist while on the Island Galapagos of the coast of Ecuador and his much disputed theory of evolution may not have been entirely incorrect nor correct altogether. He stated that a species betters it-self and evolves into higher order – physically. How far this has been proven and debated and denounced is an evolution in human antics by it self. Did they actually even stop to think of cross bred evolution?

This is where my Idea or theory (whatever you wish to name it) kicks in.

What if homo-sapiens did not evolve but were actually bred from two totally different species? Humans have physicals characteristics that enable us to swim, climb and think. What if we were the products of a land animal close to the highest order of the primates cross-bred with a highly intelligent sea creature or something along these lines, maybe even aliens for all I care! My bets on Dolphins!

Humans have used this technique till this day to yield better produce from trees and livestock. Crossbreeding has come to a stage whereby certain illnesses have been eradicated; it has made bigger chickens that lay more eggs, produce cows that yield more milk etc. It could also shed light to certain myths and legends Atlantis for example or Neptune and the sorts.

So throwing caution to the wind. I conclude that the human species are a product from a perverted ape and an extremely horny sea creature or alien. That’s why the missing link is still missing… they never linked it in the first place!